Partial Dentures

Metal Dentures (Chrome)

Chrome partial dentures are constructed using one of the dental industry's most reliable alloys, chrome cobalt.

A chrome frame is constructed around your remaining teeth, with the artificial teeth being closely matched to your existing shade and shape.

Chrome partial dentures are comfortable to wear, very strong and generally last considerably longer than an acrylic partial, therefore providing better long term value for money.

Complete Dentures before and After

Acrylic Dentures

An acrylic partial denture is an inexpensive solution to the problem of missing teeth.

Constructed using the highest quality acrylic as a body, your partial denture is designed to comfortably fill gaps left by missing teeth.

Clasps around your natural teeth may be necessary to ensure the partial fits well.

Flexible Dentures

These are a flexible, gum coloured or tooth coloured nylon material. Flexible denture is most often recommended for those wishing to replace just one or two missing teeth. supported by natural teeth.

Flexible dentures are extremely comfortable to wear and do not require wire clasps to hold it in place. Flexible dentures are entirely imperceptible in the mouth.